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Felicia Harris

“It’s not often that you find someone that is truly passionate about their craft. Rashaad Jackson truly cares about the kids and player development on the highest level. The skills that my son Zacch Pickens has learned from Rashaad shows on and off the field. Rashaad was present before the offers and has been a constant positive figure in Zacch’s life. Rashaad taught Zacch with discipline, dedication and a drive you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. There were times Zacch didn’t feel like going but I didn’t give him an option and he later thanked me once it was over. I’ve watched over the last four or five years as Pupil and Teacher grew into a life long friendship. Rashaad is much more than just a trainer. He’s family and we are blessed to call him family!”

Mike Wilson

“Our son Eli Wilson began working with Coach McGowens of EPT on a regular basis in the spring of 2018. Eli had a good sophomore campaign, but he wanted to have a breakout season his junior year. The skills that Coach McGowens has taught Eli, reinforced by demanding training sessions, have helped him have that breakout season this year. His stats are substantially better in every category. He is currently leading his team in receiving yards and in the top 10 in the state in receiving as well. In addition, he has gained confidence by working with Coach McGowens. We cannot thank EPT enough and look forward to more “grind sessions” in the near future.”

Jamarcus Henderson

“Training with Coach Jackson has taught me that if you want to be the best, you have to outwork everyone else and when you’re tired, you have to keep pushing through. Coach Jackson is one of the reasons when others are doing nothing, I’m back in the gym or on the field running drills. In my position, Coach Jackson has helped me learn how to finesse my pass rush moves better. His knowledge has helped elevate me to the top of my league. Thanks Coach Jackson!”

Jamarcus Henderson, Newberry Wolves #99

Ahmon Green

“I want to say thank you Coach Ramon for helping me become a better Quarterback and a better man. I remember watching you train my brother and other QB’s when I was younger and never thought that I would become one of them. Then one day you asked if I could help out and the rest is history.  From that day on I’ve learned so much from you and I know it’s just the beginning. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I will always remember your motto, “Keep Grinding”!!!”

Bobby and Melanie Doty

“Our boys have worked with Coach Robinson for the past 3 years. He has been extremely instrumental in helping them develop as  quarterbacks, both physically and mentally. Even though distance separates us, he is always a phone call away and has made the trip to Myrtle Beach numerous times to make sure they were ready.  Aside from football, Coach Robinson always pushes them to be a great students and young men. We are so fortunate to call Coach Robinson a friend and look forward to him working with Luke and Jake for many years to come!”

Becki Halloran

“Ramon Robinson has been our son’s quarterback trainer since he was in 4th grade and he is now a senior in high school.  We have watched Ramon shape the lives of many young men over the last several years.  He not only coaches technique but he is a motivator, a mentor, a friend, and their biggest fan.  He has created a network of young men that has turned into a special brotherhood.  He has taught these young men to be the best at their craft on the field, but also leaders and mentors to those following in their footsteps.  Ramon’s passion for mentoring these young men goes way beyond technique.  You are not going to find a better person to help your young quarterback develop his skills and leadership!”


Joe Owens Sr.

“Coach Ramon Robinson and the EPT staff have proven to me and my boys that they are dedicated to their overall success. The care goes beyond the field. They believe in life skills and mentoring through coaching.  I have witnessed this not just with my sons, but with other trainees as well. Ramon puts his whole being into training. If both you as the parent and the player commit to the training, you will see results!  We are proud to be apart of the EPT family.”

Stephanie Schaffer

“Coach McGowens has been instrumental in helping my son work on his craft and become a starter on his team .  He has helped him to improve his technique so that he is a true threat for opposing teams.  His route running has improved tremendously and he’s learned most importantly, how to get open.  He’s getting the ball more and really helping his team.  The attention to detail on all the intricacies of playing wide receiver makes Coach McGowens and the EPT team invaluable .  Their trainees are always learning under the tutelage of coaches who have played at the next level, giving your athlete an edge over their competition.”